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With factory trained technicians, we can meet all your refrigeration needs. From walk- in coolers and freezers to ice machines, we provide you with fast, honest and reliable sales, service and installation. We can convert your old R-12, R-502 and R-22 Freon system to a new ozone-safe HFC Freon system. We also offer preventative maintenance programs on all refrigeration, air conditioning and heating equipment, which is even more important with today’s new technology and compressor oils.

We offer sales, service, repair and installation of

  • coolers

  • freezers

  • walk-ins

  • reach-ins

  • bar coolers

  • pizza coolers

  • display cases

  • deli cases

  • floral cases

  • ice machines

  • prep tables

  • wine coolers


Contact ACR Mechanical today for all your refrigeration needs.

FREE ESTIMATES on all equipment replacement and preventative maintenance.

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True Refrigeration · Turbo Air · Victory

Do I really need a service call for my refrigeration unit?
  1. Are all breakers and switches turned on?
    Reach-ins, display cases, prep tables and other self-contained units* usually have only one breaker and may or may not have an on/off switch. Walk-ins may have more than one breaker plus an on/off switch.
    Breakers: Walk-in freezers may have two breakers; one labeled fan and lights, the other condensing or compressor. Walk-in refrigerators normally have only one breaker for both the fans and the condensing unit.
    On/Off Switches: For both types of units, these are normally located in one of two places, a.) inside the walk-in and mounted to or on the wall near the evaporator coil**, or, b.) on or near the condensing unit.*** 
    Unfortunately, it's quite common to find these turned off after a delivery.

  2. Is the thermostat set to the proper temperature?

  3. Is anything restricting air flow to the condenser or evaporator coils?

    *self-contained units are preassembled units you just plug in, like your home refrigerator.
    **the evaporator coil is the cooling unit inside the walk-in that houses the fan motors.
    ***the condensing unit can be on top of the walk-in cooler or in a remote location like roof top, mechanical room, basement, etc.


Do I really need a service call for my ice machine?
  1. Is the breaker turned on?

  2. Is the on/off switch in the on position?

  3. Is the water turned on?

  4. If the unit has water filters, are they plugged?

  5. Is anything restricting the air flow to the condenser coil?



If these steps don't resolve your problem, contact ACR Mechanical for FREE phone advice or to schedule an appointment.

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