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My original furnace was a high-efficiency 100,000 BTU.  When ACR replaced it with a high-efficiency 70,000 BTU, I thought it might not be able to keep up.  Then came the coldest winter I can remember, (2013/2014), and it maintained 72 degrees, even with consistent below-zero temperatures.


Bob, Home Owner,

St. Clair, MI

Been dealing with Jack from ACR Mechanical for over 20 years. Very knowledgeable, and often able to solve the problems over the phone, without having to make a trip out.


Paul, Restaurant Owner & General Contractor,

Royal Oak, MI

The new furnace and air conditioning have helped control the temperature difference between the first and second floors.


Cheryl, Home Owner,

Novi, MI

Our new 2-stage, high-efficiency furnace reduced my propane usage and the air conditioning feels great!


Craig, Homeowner,

St. Clair, MI

Since starting a preventive maintenance program, we no longer get flooded with breakdowns when it gets 90 degrees outside.


Scott, Restaurant and Commercial Properties Owner,

Rochester, MI

Jack from ACR Mechanical installed my furnace, air conditioning and duct work in 1992, and it is still going strong.


Dave, Home Owner,

Fenton, MI

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